First Blog: First Steps Toward A Better Question

What is this blog about, why is it here? I’ve just stepped onto the pavement of a road toward understanding philosophy. Thankfully I am not alone on this trek for enlightenment. I am currently enrolled in a philosophy class with others who are, in general, seem to be searching for some type of understanding(s) too.

At the helm of this class is the captain of this philosophical ship: Dr. Tanya Rodriguez. I feel very fortunate to have her as a guide – so far she has posed a few questions that have given me pause to think. Also, she has a great sense of style too!

I cannot wait to embark further up the winding staircase of enlightenment of philosophy! I got my first taste of philosophy in a most informal manner back in 2009-2010 through my local Masonic lodge. I joined the lodge and found within some Masonic texts the undertones of quite a few philosophical topics. After a some deeper examination of the texts I had found philosophical elements and topics spoken of by the likes of Plato, Democritus, Thomas Aquinas, Buddha just to name a few. It’s amazing how ideas echo for thousands of years and I hope to drink deep of these ideas with the help of Dr. Rodriguez.

How do I plan to ‘drink deep’ of philosophical ideas? How do I approach this. From what I have observed so far from reading Plato, I need to learn how to form a better question. With direction from Dr. Rodriguez – and a little bit of luck – I hope to be able to do this. Hopefully, with the know-how to form a better question I can be more able to understand the world around me (and maybe someday be able to share my experience with others for their benefit). So here I go, wish me luck!



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