About Meh!

I am. That is the question and/or is it a statement. I’ve been asking myself this sh*t for a very very long time. It’s about time I get elbow deep in regards to being able to form a better question to answer whether I am: a question or a statement.

Superficially (so far, in my opinion), I am an arm chair spectator of philosophy and sociology but I hope to become more involved in learning more about the different schools of Philosophy. I like to read Plato, Voltaire, Edward T. Hall, Marshal McLuhan just to name a few characters from philosophy and sociology. The writings of Plato and Marshal McLuhan have made the biggest impact in my life, I highly recommend everyone read their stuff (especially Plato’s Allegory of the Cave).

I also like to read science and horror fiction. I also love really good cyber punk stories! Philip K. Dick, Neal Stephenson, Steven King, Neil Gaiman, Poe are just a few authors I really like in the realm of science fiction and horror stories. I’ve recently just started reading Norman Mailer’s The Castle In The Forest, so wish me luck.

I hope this introductory ‘About Meh’ page sums up somewhat who I am at this time – it might change over time, who knows. Actually, I’m pretty sure it will. Oh, one last thing, my name is Paul. Nice to meet you!