Good post! I hope Johnny learned his lesson. Remember, we need to keep these blogs 300 to 600 words. I would go into explaining why learning about informal logic is important to philosophy to fill in that quota.


I like the layout of your fallacies. Maybe you should expand upon why it is so important for a philosopher, or anyone in general, to be able to spot logical fallacies.

necplusultrablog · February 8, 2016 AT 8:45 AM

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I like that you pointed out assumption made by Clifford. I saw this too! In general, I think patient reasoned investigation, for the individual, is a good practice to use overall. On that level I can agree with his statement. Also, I wish Clifford stated how an individual would refine how to conduct a reasoned investigation for evidence.

I can definitely see non sequitur in his statements too now that you had pointed it out. Good observation!